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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Random Acts of Kindness Ongoing Campaign

Homestead Elementary is highlighting Random Acts of Kindness week, Feb 10-16, 2014. This event is organized and lead by our counselor, Mrs. Sally Rodgers. Students attend class with Mrs. Rodgers and work on lessons and activities to learn of the importance of spreading kindness in our world.

Yesterday, I posted on Twitter that my act of kindness was to smile at one extra person daily and I shared this on our school-wide morning announcements. Mrs. Rodgers received a call today from a community member who feels passionate about paying it forward with kindness. It was the donor's wish to pay off any and all negative balances of students at Homestead Elementary who receive a reduced price breakfast and lunch. Many students who receive reduced price meals are still unable to pay for their meals and consistently carry a negative balance.  The children routinely receive a reminder notice with the amount owed, but always receive meals while at school nonetheless.

Within the next few days, each impoverished student who had a negative balance will receive a note that says "Paid in full by a Random Act of Kindness." 

Click here for more info on Random Acts of Kindness

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