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Sunday, November 17, 2013

All-Pro Dads @ HES, Sponsored by PTA

Join in our All Pro Dad's Breakfast Thur, Nov 21 @ 7:00AM, HES Library


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We look forward to seeing Homestead Elementary Mustang Dads, GrandDads, Uncles, StepDads with their kid for a quick before school breakfast and a 40 min program of fatherhood and family topics. You'll take away great tips and resources to help you be the best Dad that you can be. You'll strengthen the relationship w/ your kids @ the same time. No cost; it's FREE! See you there. Go Mustang Dads and father figure role models!

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The important impact the role of a dad plays can never be underestimated. Celebrate the gift of opportunity you have to support the positive emotional, social, and intellectual growth and development of your son or daughter.