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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Mustang Faculty thankful for parents gracious gift of luncheon


Homestead faculty and staff expresses great, big Mustang thanks and appreciation for the yummy Italian/pasta luncheon provided today. 

Generosity, care and thoughtfulness expressed by our Homestead parents is endlessly appreciated. 

The luncheons are eagerly anticipated by the staff each 6-weeks. If you're a Homestead Elementary parent, please know that we are humbled by your gift of the meal. If you give a side dish, supplies, dessert, main course, beverages or serve the meal, please know that it means so much to our staff that you give such a gift not just once a year, but many times throughout the school year.  

Think about it, that's a remarkable effort and show of care for your child's teacher. Each event takes coordination, planning, purchases, cooking, delivering, set up/break down, cleaning, decorating....and these steps are only a few.

Our sincere thanks and appreciation goes to you, the parents, for the love, care and warmth shown by you, our Homestead parents. Thank you for your giving heart and warm soul.

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