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Saturday, October 19, 2013

2013 Red Ribbon Week @HomesteadES, Oct 21-25

Fight Against Drug/Alcohol Abuse,

Anti-Bullying Campaign

Mon, Oct 21 - Sock it to drugs and bullying - wear crazy or mismatched socks to say "no way to drugs" "I would rather wear crazy socks than be harmed by drug/alcohol abuse."  "I say no to bullying others and I won't be victimized by a bully."


Tues, Oct 22 - Wear favorite rock and roll tee to say, "I rock/roll against drug/alcohol abuse and bullying." "I'm loud and proud to refuse drug/alcohol abuse and bullying."


Wed- Oct 23 - Wear bright neon colors - "I'm too bright to abuse drugs and/or alcohol." "I'm too bright to bully or be a victim of bullying"


Thur, Oct 24 - Crazy hair day or hat (crazy hat). Crazy hair must be back to normal hair the next day. 


Fri, Oct 25 - Wear red. Say no to the awful effects of drug/alcohol abuse and bullying to your body, brain and life. 


Red Ribbon week honors Enrique Camarena, a former United States Marine, who served as a DEA agent. He was sadistically tortured and murdered in the line of duty. Red Ribbon week serves as a reminder to students, their families and all Americans that is up to each of us to not buy, use or have anything to do with the illegal drug trade that plagues our country. Purchase, distribution, and use of illegal drugs harms the families directly and indirectly involved. The negative impact dramatically exceeds any inkling of any suggestion of any positive impact.

Most important, the use of mind altering substances interferes with the brain's ability to function at peek capacity, thus impairing learning and productivity. As the debate continues nationwide regarding the legalization of marijuana, we face difficult challenges as educators, parents, and everyday citizens. Studies consistently support that when the chemical THC crosses the brain barrier and interacts with the developing or mature brain, potentially irreparable damage occurs. The potential risks to the delicate neurological development are undesired to rational thought. Humans naturally want to protect themselves, survive, thrive and live well.

We can't underestimate the overwhelming power of chemicals as they interact with complex brain tissue and body tissues. This is where the mysteries of addiction take hold and generally don't let go easily. Addiction cancels survival impulses, protective inclinations and impairs responsible decision making, thus usually detrimental. Noticeable inconveniences include, but are not limited to harm in these areas: financial, legal, academic, relationships, employment, health.

If someone you care about abuses substances or suffers from addiction, the steps for helping overcome substance abuse are complex. There is always hope, help and answers when you reach out in the right direction. Determining the right direction is a challenge. Below are some links to possibilities for help. Each journey for each unique life is different. Those who successfully reached "recovering or recovered" generally have at least one person in their life who championed on their behalf. It's rare, but certainly possible to reach "recovered" alone.
  • Behavioral Health is Essential to Health
  • Prevention Works
  • Treatment is Effective
  • People Recover
You may be that hero for someone today, tomorrow or ....someday. Love, hope, faith and goodness always prevail.
Views are sincere and my own, Lynn Ford, M. Ed.

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