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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Update iPad to IOS7.3 @ Home

Update your iPad @ home

Who:       All student and staff 1:X iPads

What:   Solution for the Apple issue where supervision and/or proxy settings (for home filtering) were removed from 1:X student iPads
  LISD has received the solution process from Apple for this issue and has successfully tested it in different scenarios.

Process:    The solution is a two step process:

1.   Update the iPad to IOS 7.0.3
To upgrade - on the iPad go to Settings, General, Software update

Once the iPad is upgraded to IOS 7.0.3, the rest of the process is automatic and done over the wireless.  No student data is lost.

2.  The LISD management system will automatically check any iPad running IOS 7.0.3 and install the missing profiles as needed. 
This will happen at home or at school.  Due to the large volume of expected requests, it can take a few minutes to a few days for an iPad to receive the profiles.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Mrs. Restuccia's 5th Gifted and Talented Class

Parents of 5th grade GT students are invited

Tea Around the World

Please contact Mrs. Restuccia if you will loan fancy teacups, saucers, teapots for the event.  Items will be promptly returned following the activity.  Students created unique invitations for parents of 5th grade GT students.

Wed, Nov 6, 8:00-9:00 AM.  Contact Susan Restuccia for more information. Email:

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

2013 CCA Food Drive, Oct 28 - Nov 1

Food items needed listed below. Please place food items in your grade level basket near the front office. Thank you in advance for your warm heart and generous gifts of food for those who are hungry this season.

If you need help, or know someone who might, please call 972-436-4357 or log on 
CCA link

sugar (2 lb)
boxed stuffing mix
canned fruit
canned pie filling
canned evaporated milk (16 oz)
instant potatoes, boxed
canned yams (16 oz)
chicken broth
canned cranberry sauce

Other food items will be accepted and appreciated. The list above is to fill the current need for Thanksgiving baskets.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

2013 Red Ribbon Week @HomesteadES, Oct 21-25

Fight Against Drug/Alcohol Abuse,

Anti-Bullying Campaign

Mon, Oct 21 - Sock it to drugs and bullying - wear crazy or mismatched socks to say "no way to drugs" "I would rather wear crazy socks than be harmed by drug/alcohol abuse."  "I say no to bullying others and I won't be victimized by a bully."


Tues, Oct 22 - Wear favorite rock and roll tee to say, "I rock/roll against drug/alcohol abuse and bullying." "I'm loud and proud to refuse drug/alcohol abuse and bullying."


Wed- Oct 23 - Wear bright neon colors - "I'm too bright to abuse drugs and/or alcohol." "I'm too bright to bully or be a victim of bullying"


Thur, Oct 24 - Crazy hair day or hat (crazy hat). Crazy hair must be back to normal hair the next day. 


Fri, Oct 25 - Wear red. Say no to the awful effects of drug/alcohol abuse and bullying to your body, brain and life. 


Red Ribbon week honors Enrique Camarena, a former United States Marine, who served as a DEA agent. He was sadistically tortured and murdered in the line of duty. Red Ribbon week serves as a reminder to students, their families and all Americans that is up to each of us to not buy, use or have anything to do with the illegal drug trade that plagues our country. Purchase, distribution, and use of illegal drugs harms the families directly and indirectly involved. The negative impact dramatically exceeds any inkling of any suggestion of any positive impact.

Most important, the use of mind altering substances interferes with the brain's ability to function at peek capacity, thus impairing learning and productivity. As the debate continues nationwide regarding the legalization of marijuana, we face difficult challenges as educators, parents, and everyday citizens. Studies consistently support that when the chemical THC crosses the brain barrier and interacts with the developing or mature brain, potentially irreparable damage occurs. The potential risks to the delicate neurological development are undesired to rational thought. Humans naturally want to protect themselves, survive, thrive and live well.

We can't underestimate the overwhelming power of chemicals as they interact with complex brain tissue and body tissues. This is where the mysteries of addiction take hold and generally don't let go easily. Addiction cancels survival impulses, protective inclinations and impairs responsible decision making, thus usually detrimental. Noticeable inconveniences include, but are not limited to harm in these areas: financial, legal, academic, relationships, employment, health.

If someone you care about abuses substances or suffers from addiction, the steps for helping overcome substance abuse are complex. There is always hope, help and answers when you reach out in the right direction. Determining the right direction is a challenge. Below are some links to possibilities for help. Each journey for each unique life is different. Those who successfully reached "recovering or recovered" generally have at least one person in their life who championed on their behalf. It's rare, but certainly possible to reach "recovered" alone.
  • Behavioral Health is Essential to Health
  • Prevention Works
  • Treatment is Effective
  • People Recover
You may be that hero for someone today, tomorrow or ....someday. Love, hope, faith and goodness always prevail.
Views are sincere and my own, Lynn Ford, M. Ed.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

wear pink Friday, Oct 18

Raise awareness for fight against breast cancer by wearing PINK Friday, Oct 18, 2013.Thanks to Student Council and sponsor Lisa Cyr for organizing.

Mustang Faculty thankful for parents gracious gift of luncheon


Homestead faculty and staff expresses great, big Mustang thanks and appreciation for the yummy Italian/pasta luncheon provided today. 

Generosity, care and thoughtfulness expressed by our Homestead parents is endlessly appreciated. 

The luncheons are eagerly anticipated by the staff each 6-weeks. If you're a Homestead Elementary parent, please know that we are humbled by your gift of the meal. If you give a side dish, supplies, dessert, main course, beverages or serve the meal, please know that it means so much to our staff that you give such a gift not just once a year, but many times throughout the school year.  

Think about it, that's a remarkable effort and show of care for your child's teacher. Each event takes coordination, planning, purchases, cooking, delivering, set up/break down, cleaning, decorating....and these steps are only a few.

Our sincere thanks and appreciation goes to you, the parents, for the love, care and warmth shown by you, our Homestead parents. Thank you for your giving heart and warm soul.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Car rider drop off / pick up etiquette

Please roll/drive slowly all the way to the Mustang stripe consistently to drop off / pick up your student. This consistent routine will promote safety and an efficient flow of drop off / pick up traffic, especially during inclement weather. Please help us pass this on to all Mustang families. Consistent cooperation with this expectation is greatly appreciated. Go Mustangs! Safety first!

#Socktober 2013- Donate socks for homeless through Oct 31

Student Council lead by Mrs. Lisa Cyr asks for donations of new socks. Homeless people will receive the socks. The project is inspired by Kid President. He declared October as the month of the socks, #SOCKTOBER. Please join Homestead Elementary in collecting piles, piles and piles of socks for those less fortunate. @iamkidpresident

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

All-Pro Dad's Breakfast

Join in our All Pro Dad's Breakfast Thur, Oct 10 @ 7:00AM in our library.

 It's not too late to RSVP  at this website

 For more info email:

 We look forward to seeing Homestead Elementary Mustang Dads, GrandDads, Uncles, StepDads with their kid for a quick before school breakfast and a 40 min program of fatherhood and family topics. You'll take away great tips and resources to help you be the best Dad that you can be. You'll strengthen the relationship w/ your kids @ the same time. No cost; it's FREE! See you there. Go Mustang Dads and father figure role models!

RSVP at this link:


Tuesday, October 8, 2013

iPad Support for Parents of grades 3-5 students

iPad Support for Parents of grades 3rd-5th to be held at Coyote Ridge Elementary

LISD East Zone elementary campuses that feed into Hebron High School: Hicks, Indian Creek, Homestead, Polser, Hebron Valley, Castle Hills, Independence, Coyote Ridge.

Thursday, October 10, 6:00-7:20 PM.

Support with apps, digital citizenship, parental restrictions, integration of curriculum.

National Walk / Bike to School Day

Wed, Oct 9, National Walk / Bike to School Day promotes, exercise, fitness, reduction of the use of fossil fuels, safety, fun, friends and community involvement.

Mrs. Ford's famous writings for Homestead Mustang Country

Welcome to Mrs. Ford's famous writings for all things about the country of the Homestead Elementary Mustangs. 

In this blog you can learn of the happenings and good goings on at Homestead Elementary. Welcome to Mustang Country. We're glad you're here.