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Monday, March 27, 2017

Open Letter to Parents of School-Age Kids Regarding Test-Taking Fears

Assessments are one of the three major components of education and learning. The other two: curriculum and instruction.

Unhealthy Stress Related to Assessments

This student-focused writer is alarmed at increasing concerns of stress in children related to test-taking.  Please help me slow the progression of this and even reverse it.

Our goal and desire is that our students and their families reap benefit from the experience of test-taking.  For example, benefits of assessments include:  show progression of skills learned, accountability, interventions needed or level of effectiveness of interventions, just to name a few. 

Our staff takes the overall accumulative effect of the entire educational experience very seriously. We are saddened and deeply concerned when we learn that students are experiencing unhealthy stress related to assessments.

Our faculty is passionate about emphasizing that students approach testing as a routine part of their learning experience.  Our expectations are simple, straight forward and designed to fortify students with confidence for assessment of their learning.

It's always a good habit for test takers to do their very best on a test of any description and we certainly desire that our students take tests/assessments seriously.  However, we want to speak cautiously and with the right purpose when saying this to children. Too frequently for this writer's student-centered comfort, an unhealthy fear is established that is often difficult to untie once rooted.  This trepidation can lead to an undesired and unhealthy view of learning and school overall. Help us guide your child toward a positive and healthy approach to successful test-taking.

Please join our staff in approaching all testing with these simple requirements below. We purposefully and intentionally DO NOT emphasize, "you must score this or else "this (bad stuff) will happen'".  With positive nurture and calm we communicate the following to our students:

Adopt the DSL technique:
Do your very best.
2. Show what you know.
3. Let it go!

These simple reminders for your child should provide reassurance and confidence for your child. Please contact us if we can help or if you have questions. email: FORDL@LISD.NET; RODGERSS@LISD.NET; HEASTYYOUNGN@LISD.NET; HERKIMERD@LISD.NET; PERRYSR@LISD.NET  ; BRAWNERTM@LISD.NET ; LOVETTL@LISD.NET or your child's teacher

Mayo Clinic - generalized anxiety disorder

written by Lynn Ford, M. Ed.

Twitter: @lynnhillford

Sunday, March 19, 2017

#InnovationExpo2017 @homesteades 

The above is an innovation on a longtime favorite --- guacamole, ...this is avocado lime sauce. Can we say, hoo-yah?!

Save the date -- May 25 -- Gallery Walk 

for parents and community to view students creativity, innovations and problem solving expertise. Student's displays will range from the most simple to complex. We at Homestead Elementary urge each student to participate in this opportunity to showcase their ingenuity. 

Contact your child's teacher for more information or the following:  Mrs. Deanna Seigler, Library and Media Specialist  Mrs. Susan Restuccia, Gift and Talented Specialist   Mrs. Lisa Cyr, Science Discovery Teacher  Mrs. Lynn Ford, Assistant Principal  Mr. Sean Perry, Principal

Homestead Happenings __ MARCH 2017

March 13-17 -- Spring Break (no school)
March 20 -- classes resume
March 20; 3:00-4:30 PM -- FCA
March 20-21 -- Outdoor School (5th grade only).
March 23 -- Think College/Career Thursday - wear favorite college shirt
March 24; 7:15 AM -- Student Council (Science Discovery room).
March 27 -- 3:00-4:30 -- FCA
March 28 -- STAAR (grade 4 Writing; grade 5 Math)
March 29 -- STAAR (grade 5 Reading)
April 3, 3:00-4:00 PM -- FCA
April 10 -- #InnovationExpo2017 application deadline for Kdg - 5th grade.  (paper copy included in Tuesday folder 3/7/2017)

    More info about #InnovationExpo2017  ----->  Slide show created by Science Discovery Teacher, Mrs. Cyr

Application for #InnovationExpo2017 for all students Kdg - 5th grade. 
#InnovationExpo2017 app Kdg-5th grade

April 10, 3:00-4:30 PM – FCA
April 10-13, Book Fair
April 11, Family Night @ Book Fair
April 11, 6:00 PM -- 1st grade performance @ PTA meeting
April 12 -- Talent Show audition
April 19, 8:00 AM -- Appreciation Breakfast hosted by Homestead staff for ALL VOLUNTEERS. Please attend!
April 20 -- Think College/Career Thursday - wear favorite college shirt
April 26 -- School pictures
May 8 -- STAAR, grades 3 - 4, Math; grade 5 Math re-test.
May 9 -- STAAR, grades 3-4, Reading; grade 5 Reading re-test.
May 10 -- STAAR, grade 5 Science.
May 11, 6:00 PM -- Top 25 Talent Show acts performance
May 25 -- #InnovationExpo2017 Gallery Walk. Parents and community invited to view student created innovative items and processes.

Thank you for following us on Twitter @homesteades and liking us on Facebook. Updates to this calendar post will follow.

Your contributions to greatness at Homestead Elementary are always appreciated.

Lynn Ford, Assistant Principal

Monday, December 12, 2016

Homestead Happenings_ 9 Dec 2016

Homestead Happenings! ....keeping important people (you) informed!

YearbookOrder  Cost increase Dec 16. Order w/ credit/debit card  800-853-1337

InclementWeather alerts for LISD. For most up to date follow us on Homestead ES Twitter or check LISD website. Follow LewisvilleISD Twitter

Dec 9 - ePortfolio checkpoint. Grades 4 and 5 - Ask your student to show you his/her digital portfolio.

Dec 9 - Wear Homestead Mustang shirt (school spirit day)

Dec 13; 6:00 PM - PTA general membership meeting. 4th grade performance. Leadership by Ms. Teri Pipitone.

Dec 15 - Wear favorite college shirt. Raise awareness for college, career readiness, life-long learning and higher education.

Dec 16 - wear Homestead Mustang shirt (school spirit day)

Grade level winter parties. Specific dates/times listed below.

  • Dec 20 -- 12:45pm (2nd grade); 1:30pm (kinder and 3rd grade); 1:50pm (1st grade).
  • Dec 21 --  9:00am (4th grade); 9:30am (5th grade).
  1. Crosswalk - Please guide your child safely to the crosswalk and teach them to not walk or run through the car line. Whew! Your help with modeling this for all helps maintain safety and build a patient, supportive atmosphere for your school. 
  1. Car line etiquette  --- Please help us with this safety expectation. Roll/drive slowly all the way to the "Mustang Stripe" consistently to drop off / pick up your student. This consistent routine promotes safety and an efficient flow of drop off / pick up traffic, especially during inclement weather. Please stay in your vehicle to maintain traffic flow. If you prefer to exit the vehicle, please park in a space in the lot and walk w/ your child through the crosswalk. Model the right way and patience for your fellow Homestead Family of drivers for optimal safety, especially at peak arrival and dismissal times. Help us model and pass along the importance of getting as close to the "Mustang Stripe" as safely possible. Consistent cooperation with this expectation is noticed and appreciated. Go Mustangs! Safety first!

Dec 21 - early dismissal -- 11:45 AM. Sack lunch available @ cafeteria.

Dec 22 - Jan 3 - no school

Jan 4 - classes resume

Jan 27 - 7:00 AM; library - All-Pro Dad breakfast.  Topic: Choices -- new year; new beginning. Make improvements or stay the course?   All-ProDadRSVP

Safety.  Just a few reminders for overall safety....
Arrival and dismissal.  Regular and prompt attendance is encouraged to support optimal learning for your child.
7:15 AM - Breakfast available in the cafeteria. Supervision is provided in the cafeteria for students arriving between 7:15 and 7:35. Arrivals before 7:15 are strongly discouraged due to the absence of proper supervision.
7:35 AM - Go-to-class bell rings
7:45 AM  - Classes begin. Arrivals at 7:46 and after are considered tardy.
3:00 PM - Dismissal for 1st -5th grades. Kindergarten dismisses a few minutes prior to 3:00 PM. 

Thank you for your ongoing partnership in making Homestead a wonderful school for kids to learn, grow and build a great foundation for a lifetime of success. Please contact us with your ideas and concerns to support our overall mission of excellence for kids.

Lynn Ford

Safety Reminders

Safety Reminders

12/12/2016____Feedback: Fire drill — All occupants exited the building in less than 60 seconds. Precisely 58 seconds. That’s excellent and a terrific improvement.

Things to remember and pass on to students:

  1. Save time by focusing straight toward the exit and staying quiet. 
  2. Avoid covering ears. Keep hands free to quickly push and go at the door. 
  3. Attention younger students…..use your big kid strength to push and go at doors. 
  4. Be responsible for your safety and others by not holding up the line if you stall (freeze and stare) at the door. “Ain’t nobody got time for that." 
  5. #safetymatters 
  6. Students stay quiet during entire drill. 
  7. Students listen for and follow teacher’s instructions at first request. 

Building occupants exceeded expectations of exiting in less than 90 seconds.

Hooyah! Go Mustangs!

Mrs. Ford

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Homestead Happenings 4 NOV 2016

Homestead Happenings...keeping important people (you) informed!

Save this handy link for looking back at  past news updates

All-Pro Dad --- Friday, November 4; 7:00 AM- Bring kids for donuts, juice, coffee and 30-min program. RSVP for All-Pro Dad on this link RSVP All Pro Dad  
Topic:  words (using words in positive, powerful way to build confidence and security to last a lifetime).

Early voting info - today - Nov 4   hours, locations on this link 

Vote, Tuesday, November 8 - Homestead Elem is polling location. Please be aware of likelihood extra traffic that day. All drop off and pick up lanes will be in operation as usual. Students arriving at the front will be escorted safely to the cafeteria entrance. This is to accommodate voters at the front doors. Thank you in advance your patience and support for safety as we share our school on this important day. #LetFreedomReign

Mock Presidential election, Tuesday, November 8 - Students K-5th will have the opportunity to participate in a mock election supporting TEKS social studies curriculum, citizenship and America's free and democratic process. Ballot for student's will list candidates who appear on the official ballot in Texas:  Clinton, Johnson, Stein, Trump. Please discuss the importance of each citizen exercising their right to vote in our free nation with your child. Voting results of Homestead's student body will be posted on social media. At the end of the day, students will be urged to join their family in watching the election returns as we, the United States, elect the next president.

Wear America's colors, Friday, Nov 11 - BLUE (kindergarten & 1st grade);  WHITE (2nd & 4th grade); RED (3rd & 5th grade). Wearing the assigned color shirt will help create patriotic optics for our Veteran's Day presentation.

Veteran's Day ceremony. Friday, Nov 11; 9:00 AM. Veteran's, first responders and law enforcement officers, including border patrol are invited to this special event to honor each of them for their sacrifice and service. We appreciate our families and community for helping the Homestead staff to show honor and appreciation for these folks who risk it all daily to protect us.

Wear BROWN; Wed, Nov 16 - help kindergartners learn colors.

Think College - Thursday, Nov 17 - encourage college and career readiness; wear favorite college shirt.

Thanksgiving holidays - November 21-25. Classes resume Nov 28.

Join PTA -   Classes with 100% of parent membership wins ice cream party.  @ least one member per student required for winning ice cream party. 

Yearbook order